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Fool's Bow

Classes that can use:  SCOU, RANG, HUNT
Artifact XP:   earns experience from any rvr  (1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)
Bow Dps 16.5, Spd 4.9 (Hibernia), Spd 4.5 (Midgard),  Spd 5.1 (Albion)
Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:   

Artifact Level Abilities Gained

Dexterity +18
Quickness +18

Picture of Bow
Bonus to archery speed  3%

Bow ability:  5 pts


Bonus to archery range  3%

Bonus to archery damage  3%

Siege Lore


dmg-over-time:  Inflicts damage to the target repeatedly over a given time period.
    Damage per tick:  20
    Target:  Targetted
    Range:  1500
    Duration:  16 sec
    Frequency:  4.0 sec
    Casting time:  instant
    Damage:  Body
    Spell has a chance of casting when this weapon strikes an enemy

Siege Lore:  Target does more damage to keep doors and siege weapons.
    Bonus multiplier:  15
    Target:  Self  
    Duration:  1:30 min
    Casting time:  instant
    This spell is cast when the item is used.

Fool's Bow - The archery haste, archery range and archery damage bonuses on the Bow have been each reduced by 2%. The Dexterity and Quickness bonuses were each increased by 2 and the archery skill bonus was increased by 1.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)

Credits: Sneekypeeps1, Slitz InCognito, Folgus


Location:    31k, 34k - in Ocean Notos (just north of Aeros)     - Ant_ButterNut

   Just wanted to let you know a GRAND technique for getting the fools bow. First, watch and make sure the harpies are flying above, watch to where they swoop and either touch or come close to the water.  The argos should be close to that area.
    Second, if you have decent stealth, stealth and swim around, if you see any argos run from you alot, try and shoot it with your bow. If the argos swims off really fast out of the pit or to shore, IT HAS THE BOW!! Watch for sporadic argos too, like dropping to the bottom of the pit and back in a second.  The one with the bow will act very strange. Chase it to a shore line, and shoot it to death.  This technique
has worked 4 out of 4 times!!! It's a surefire way.
- Htothaizzo Ez

After camping the ONE argo for 3 days and reading so much about different esoteric strategies that never worked I came up with my ultimate revenge:
1. Get yourself a grp, not necessarily a FG, but get a PBoAEr.
2. Clean the whole chasm out, you can easily pull 8-10 by just swimming into them at one time and kill them within seconds. It will not take longer than 10 minutes until you killed every single argo.
3. Wait for the bow to drop.
4. Strategy worked fine for me, took us 3 minutes until bow dropped (at bottom, btw, and harpies were up, they were gone when we left).
5. Advantage: no single argo can flee (it simply does not have the time to do so, hrhr)...
Wheee, sweet that was, after wasting so much time down there and a dozen of death.    Nov 25
- Ninniach


Really, just an underwater deep pit, with a shipwreck at the bottom and 100 octipi swimming around, yllow cons to 50, run at end of fight but turn and come back which helps archers solo them.
The "PIT" is between Desmonia's Harpy Island and another tall island with a Lighthouse on top. You can work from that island shore, it is almost a direct drop down into the "PIT". YOu will see about 12 to 15 frenzed harpies flying around in circles above the "PIT". When the harpies are flying it means they have dropped the bow and it is down there on one of those octipi, you just got to find the right one. <grin> If you aren't having success pulling from one spot and are getting respawns, move, one of those octip[i already has that bow in it's inventory, that is what makes this so hard, making sure you kill "ALL" the octipi to get the "one".   11/5
- Brilven

Location:    31k, 34k - in Ocean Notos (just north of Aeros)
100s of squids - Kill them till the bow drops
- Ant_ButterNut

Squids are all yellow con to a 50. They dont' have any special attacks however they are very prone to flee and call for help. So either clear the area around you so nothing hears help or stay by the top because you can run out of water on to shore and the Agro will stop attacking you. This is a good way to escape them when they bring 4 friends.
Bow drops from Agro's in Notos.
Scrolls so far have all been found in MESo.
- Zirella

Fighting against argos...
They are level 49 or 50. Purely melee mobs. At about 25% they spit out black ink and dart away. Most times they are still within bow ranger and can be pulled back to you. Twice they have called for help against me, only after darting away and being repulled. A freind tells me she waits for the argo to return on its own and has never had one call for help. Can anyone confirm if they call for help only after being repulled?
Also, only one time have I had an argo flee out of range, diving to the bottom. And he never returned. Not wanting to sit there all night waiting for the ONE argo to come back into range, I moved on to another target. I will shoot myself if he was the one with the bow and I in my impatience let him elude me.
- Janlin_Ironwood

I can confirm the Bow drops off the agro octapi in the deep hole - just takes a lot of kills and some luck.
- Botox Fumbleshot

The argos are weak to thrust
- GideonFE

Scroll pieces:  Fool's Bow

Piece 1 of 3
Melos golem summoners, Melos golem masters
Piece 2 of 3
Melos deep scouts, Melos gyres
Piece 3 of 3
Melos spear fishers, Melos earth razers

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