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Traldor's Oracle

Created for those who carry only a staff into battle
Confirmed classes: friar, mentalist, eldritch
Other likely classes: cloth casters
Artifact XP: slaying many types of humanoid enemies
Two handed staff: 100% Quality, 30% Bonus
Base DPS: 13.5, Speed: 3.8, Damage Type: Crush
Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:  This has been soloed.

Artifact Level Abilities Gained
Pure Caster
Intelligence +15
Focus All Spell Lines 50 levels
Casting speed 5%
Piety +18
Melee combat speed 4%
close up picture
Dexterity +15 Dexterity +15
Heat 6%
Cold 6%
Heat 6%
Cold 6%

Arcane Siphon (5% chance)
Arcane Siphon (10% chance)

Reduce target's item-based resistances verses damage by 5% (passive)
Style damage 4%

Arch Magery
Arch Magery

Arcane Siphon: Chance not to use any power when casting a spell
Arch Magery: Grants target additional spell damage and ability to penetrate target's resistances.
    Damage bonus: 5%
    Resist piercing bonus: 5%
    Target: Group
    Range: 1500
    Duration: 5 min
    Casting time: instant
    Timer: 30 min
    This spell is cast when the item is used.

Traldor's Oracle - The Friar version of this artifact has had the melee haste and style damage each reduced by 1%. The piety bonus has been increased by 3.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)

Confirmed from logs, often it will make spells hit for 0 dmg. giving your target an effective 100% resist. DO NOT USE THIS ABILITY AT THIS POINT.  Dec 26
- Zoot Suitriot

Credits: Whiskered, Senkan, Columbos, Alithravielle

Leveling the Artifact

I found this thing levels quickly off Teg Rangers, Angry BWCAS and Ellyl Villagers inside Pennines.  Although it didn't level off Ravenclan Giants.   Feb 24

leveling this thing is a complete joke as a light ment, the melos camp is awesome, it has 3-4 high priests that give ml exp, i just charm a orange gyre, buff him and let him solo 3-4 yellows/oranges/blues while i 3 shot yellows on my side (i nuke for cap even on oranges cause of 2 power relics and theyre weak to heat).
statues dont work obviously, taurs in volc do work, sobekites do NOT work, the rest does.
the skyros/melos/naxos type mobs are humanoids and die hella fast to my heat nuke, im leveling this thing really fast there.
Nov 17 
- Columbos

Join an Avalon City group... with Skin of Diamond you should be able to get them chain pullin' for ya.   Jan 1
- Rhystwell

i've heard the orc camps in the new SI zone are great too  Jan 1
- Romir

I started off leveling the staff off of Mau Nomads on a hunch. This is a good way to get your staff leveled and help your guild healer get Vara's Scrolls for the Healer Embrace Cloak.  Jan 29
- Illusio

Strategy:  (6 methods here)

leader loc is 38.5k, 15k Hesperos
horde loc is 20k, 63k Boreal
temple door is 13k, 59k Boreal

The quest is not up if the doors to the temple are open.

There are so many methods listed here because some people have figured out how to do this without farming for faction.  Some figured out how to do it with faction, but to do it solo, and that takes more time.  Then of course there's the more normal setup where you have a group of people, and you try to get faction.

To do this with a Pet class, use Pet to get faction once, skip the Horde:

i did this encounter with me (41 sorcerer) and a 50 reaver....   (a level 45 Sorcerer soloed it this way, too  - Garbannoch)
you can do this without faction, without sneaking in, and without gtae... go to the gadarian leader with a pet, put the pet on passive, click on the gadarian leader, then click "go target".  once you have gadarian leader aggro, pull the pet away from the leader's spawn point..... once the gadarian leader kills your pet, he will walk back to his spawn, during which time you can talk to him (without getting aggro) to start the encounter.  then we just swam to traldor's palace and waited for the traldoran mercs to come bash the door, we killed traldor, and i got my traldor's oracle at level 41.   Feb 18

To do this Solo with Gaderian faction, Skip the Horde:

Plot summary of the artifact:
Traldor is in possession of one of the oracles described in the scrolls and has a bunch of loyalists and mercenaries at his disposal.  The Gaderian citizens are sick of being raided by the Traldorian mercenaries, so once you get neutral or friendly faction with the Gaderians (achieved by killing Traldorian mercenaries), they offer to help you.  Once you start the encounter by talking to the Gaderian leader, the raiding party makes it way to Traldor's treasure horde which is guarded by many mercenaries.

The "proper" way to do this is to take out enough mercenaries so the raiding party can win and take the treasure horde.  The rest of the mercenaries become angry when they think Traldor will not be able to pay them once the Gaderians take the treasure horde.  So they all bash the temple doors where Traldor resides, but he kills them all once the doors are opened.   You're not going to do it this way.

As of this time, you can totally skip going to the treasure horde platform.  Do not go to the Treasure Horde platform at all.  After talking to the Gaderian leader, simply wait outside near the temple out of the way of any nearby mercenaries.  After 15-20 minutes, the mercenaries will open the door for you (do not interfere).   It seems to be the case that if you go to the horde platform, then the mercenaries will pop, and if you don't kill some of them with a group of players, they will wipe out the Gaderians, and then kill you.  So if you do NOT go to the horde, it seems to be that the mercenaries don't pop or something.  Whatever is happeneing, it works if you do NOT go to the horde.  This method has been done a few times, so it wasn't just a one time glitch.

All that remains are Traldorian loyalists which are orange and red to a 50.  They do not BaF when pulled solo or duo.  Be sure you are not near the temple walls since random aggro can still attack you from outside.  After the loyalists are dead, Traldor is easy (orange to 50).   Feb 3
- Manigaech

GTAE from back of temple method without faction with a group:

Have a solo GTAE caster go up to rear of temple while group waits at slope a little way sbehind.  GTAE inside and run back toward group.  If its loyalists, its only a few - group kills them.  If you hit Traldor, swim at group, have group target and take down Traldor while you (GTAE caster) keeps going with the whole Traldoran Navy after you.  Traldor dies, GTAE caster dies - and thats it.  Group has staff, goes and res's GTAE caster.  Then thumbs their nose at the poor saps farming faction as they boat away.  Feb 17
- Saxxon

To duo this without faction:

Method I used - no faction farming or anything:

Parked an alt at temple and kept checking until doors were down, then logged my Darkcarver and Bot in cieling area, you can still get the odd arggo from outside the temple so be alert.

Log back in few hours later, doors are closed and Traldor is up with gaurds, this is nice as its less likely anyone will kill steal Traldor on you.

Buff up and takedown all his gaurds first, this buys you a little more time to kill Traldor himself, he is just an org con mob.

Then go at Traldor, best to hit him from floor in middle of temple, you will have about 4-5 seconds to finish him before mercs from outside temple make their way in and zerg you to death. For my Darkcarver with fast casting gear was pretty easy though did not have time to pick up loot before dying. keep bot ungrouped so he gets no arrgo and can then rez you to pick up (or repeat if you failed to get him down).   Jan 28
- Galois

Be careful if you try this trick... this player reported:

I was working on killing traldor mercs when someone logged into the game while inside the temple. All the mercs nearby swam at the temple, swam through the walls and a few seconds later there was hibbie death spam. Door was closed still so they couldnt have swam in.   Feb 4
- Jairlyn

To do this with a group, with faction, and going to the horde:

So here is the thought behind the new patch. It seems mythic wants the ENTIRE group, or at least whoever is attemping the encounter to have good faction with the Gaderians.. I say this only because when an actual person is hovering over the horde area it stops the repop..  I would only assume they are hoping that you stay and actually join the frontlines to fight with the Gaderians.

1. person talks to the Gaderian Leader (38.5k, 15k in Hesperos) that has good galdorian faction. tells them that they would be such a person to help.

2. they head to the location where everyone else is 20k, 63k Boreal where the Traldor's Horde set of Traldoran Mercenaries are.

3. the person with confuse starts using confuse on the 30 some odd mobs that are densly packed around the "horde" (traldors loot to pay the mercs with) and the rest do nothing... that is right... nothing... unless there is a mob that gets on the person casting confuse. once the Mercenaries beat each other senseless to the point that there are <8 then the rest of the group can help BUT... if the galdorians show up you can actually hurt them (they are still regular mobs, not realm members) as they show up to get the loot that was stollen from them by traldor. thus... no ae and no hurting galdorians. if you hurt them the quest starts over. if the leader dies then the quest starts over... so... our job is ... once they get there, which takes about 20 mins, that there are no Mercenaries around to have to worry about this.

4. once that has been done then the Traldoran Mercenaries get upset cause they suspect that Traldor can't pay them. they all head to Traldor's Temple (13k, 59k Oceanus Boreal) and start bashing down the doors... WE... watch them do that... they get wiped out... every one of them... once they destroy the doors.

5. now the more difficult part happens. there are 9 red or orange Loyalists and Traldor. also off to the west side are orange alagators that will agro if you get to close to them thru the walls. what ever you do... DO NOT attack Traldor. once you attack him ALL the traldorian loyalists mob the person that attacked... even if you just mezed them... traldor must have group purge. the only thing that i found that worked well here was ... confuse. you can pull the first two with just 1 add each but the rest seem best done with confusing them and Traldor will just sit there and watch them agro each other. once you have dealt with the Loyalists. you take Traldor down and he drops Traldors Oracle... the useless version, which you then have to get the scrolls to activate.     Dec 4
- Hamingju

When two people did it with faction and they went to the Horde:

I just soloed Traldor's Oracle. I am a 50 suppression runemaster.

First, I spent a few hours getting good Gaderian faction by killing Traldorian Mercenaries over and over. Yeah it boring as hell, but the xp isn't bad for my new bot.

Second, I went to the Gaderian leader talked to him etc. I swam ahead to 60k, 20k Boreal where the Traldor's Horde is stashed. Big concrete platform covered with pots and like 20ish yellow/oj mercs. Confuse came in real handy here. Instead of picking them off one by one and taking forever to do so, I confused a crapton of them. They all fought. Over and over. I was able to reduce that 20ish down to about 3 when the Gaderian raiding party showed. At that point it was pretty darned easy for the leader and his posse to mop up. Anyways the leader dicks around for a few minutes before picking up the cash/horde so you may wonder if something is broken. He leaves and now you have a short swim to Traldor's temple.

Up to this point this was very easy and just took a lot of time.

Traldor has 10 guards inside. 9 oj loyalists and 1 red loyalist. Again, I used confuse against these bastards. Took em all down no problems.

Traldor was the hard part. He can't be snared or rooted. Well for a solo runemaster that becomes quite the problem because Traldor's got over 3000 hp. With 64 suppression and 292 pie my 50 spec nuke hit for 392 dmg. Oh, and Traldor had no problems interrupting me while I MOCed.

What saved me was pbt and my lil shammy spamming me with heals. Every so often the bubble would stop Traldor and I'd get a cast off.

Is this soloable? If you have a bot, sure. If you don't have a bot, you better be a pet caster or have wild power 5000 to ensure you crit every nuke.   Nov 19
- Kerin


DO NOT charm the traldorians... (and i am asuming the galdorins just not going to try it for the sake of science..) if you do, then the horde part becomes broken and spawns before the galdorians have been credited for the steal of the horde and kills them... thus you start over.  as soon as i dropped the traldorian pet and got a tritan from right over the zone line in meso it went past that step.
this has happened to me twice in the 3 times that i have successfully gotten it completed. someone charms a traldorian... it won't move on. not scientific. but, seems to be correct.  Dec 6
- Hamingju

Traldor has something that seems to be like group purge. if you mez his loyalists, and then attack him... they all come unmezed and attack the first person that attacked traldor.
If that person attacked with a pet they IGNORE the pet and go for the pet owner. that or they were attacking the person that mezed them... which with a sorcerer was the same person...
Thus, i felt that this is heavly biased to deal with the loyalists first and then traldor.
Also there are some orange con gators that if you get too close to the walls they will agro you.   Dec 4
- Hamingju

Duo'd this with 2 RC spec'd runies with both PBT running, after 1 runie with faction triggered the event.  Jan 29
- Illusio

There is another way to do it, however it ensures death to your group...
We had two clerics, one pally, two mercs, a minstrel and a sorcerer. (Seven of us) We knocked the door down, then rushed inside and targetted Traldor, put BoF up, killed him (sorc mezzed those coming in) and then got swarmed and died. Just don't panic.  Spam f7+g when he dies... wouldn't want to die and have the artifact decay.
As for Hibs/Mids, I assume with decent CC you can still take him down (just ignore the loyalists and be quick to target him and /assist whoever has it) but you will want two good healers with instas and perhaps MoC if some even cons makes it through. (Or heck, just PBAoE them to death)    Nov 26
- Keffa

I killed mercs for 6hrs with a bot before I became neutral with the Gadarian Leader. The wierd thing was the bot,while group with me the whole 6hrs was still aggro to him.   Nov 20
- Zaak2

"Edit: I did the raid the Gaderian Leader asks for help on but he just went to a /loc 20, 60 in boreal to a place with little Cauldrons that are "Traldor's Horde". He asks if you want to proceed with the battle and if you click proceed about 20 yellow con Traldor Mercs spawn and the 8 blue con Gaderians try to attack them and get wiped. Is this what's supposed to happen? How do I get the mercs to attack the door? "

You have to keep the Gaderian Leader alive and all of the mercs around the Horde have to die. Basically if the Leader dies you messed up and need to start again. This is especially difficult to do when he is being attacked by some 20 or 30 yellow and orange con mercs and you really can't ae for fear of hurting the Leader or the Raiders. The one time we succeeded we chain pulled mercs until they were mostly gone when the Leader arrived...he floated up to the horde, about one or two more mercs popped, he killed them, claimed the horde (ie: all the cauldrons disappeared) and swam off triumphantly. At that point if you swim to the temple the mercs will be attacking the temple doors. Reason being is that Traldor no longer has the money to pay them. They break the doors down and then all die. You float in and do away with the 8 or so Loyalists left and then kill the poor little orange con Traldor.
- Cadydd

We probably killed 150 traldor merceneries to make them neutral and another 100 to make them (Gadorians) friendly.  Dec 15
- Quintarus Halsa


Traldor's Belt   
Crush 6%
Slash 6%
Thrust 5%
Heat 5%
Cold 5%
Bonus to Casting Spd: 2%
Still has the 10 charges of 75 acuity charge.   Feb 24
- Serenity_Arrow

silksteel Traldor's Robe   Feb 9
- Kalare

Scroll pieces:  Traldor's Oracle

Piece 1 of 3
Skyros sky mages, Skyros guros
Piece  2 of 3
Skyros spearfishers, Skyros harpooners
Piece 3 of 3
Skyros deepblades, Skyros peltasts

The combined scrolls read:
##The Completed Dichorotory's Dissertation reads, "From Dichotory the Gamesman's journal: The Oracle is a functionary item that many dignitiaries and commanders of Atlantis used. It is a multi-purpose item. Why they were ever brought to the planes I will never know. The creatures of these planes covet the oracles. Four in Oceanus have been reprimanded for attempting to use them against champions in the trials! Always the same troublemakers! I dare think what would happen to the trials if we were not here to keep them in line. I am suggesting that the oracles be banned from the planes altogether. They can be held for visitors in the Hall of Heroes. "

##The Completed Dichorotory's Dissertation reads, "From Dichotory the Gamesman's journal: All the oracles have been removed save one! It seems that an oracle has been removed from one of the temples. I suspect that it has been purposely removed, not merely misplaced."

##The Completed Dichorotory's Dissertation reads, "From Dichotory the Gamesman's journal: I have to leave the planes! I have received strange rumors. I've been instructed to close down the trials for now, and send all Atlanteans home, but I haven't time to reach the orbs. I have decided to leave them. I'm told there is a chance the planes may be destroyed. I can no longer worry about the missing Oracle. It is only a functionary item, what harm could it do here?"

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