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Last modified: Saturday February 28 2004

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Flames of the Phoenix alliance boards, the VN ToA boards, and all the email you send, which is where I got most of this.  Thank you to Vision of Sages for hosting these pages, and to Manigaech for the search engine.  Thank you to all Atlantis Explorers!
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Celestius - ML 10
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Named Mobs and Djinn Stones Zone Armour
Kallisti's Maps of Trials of Atlantis Custom Skins

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What's New Here Today
As you've noticed, the site is having grief.  The hosting company is having some kind of problem.  I cannot do anything about it.

These pages are here at, and I will be keeping a mirror here (a copy of the site) even when the other web site comes back up. 

I apologize that the pages were not available for a couple of days.  There are no screenshots at this site yet.  But the text and information about the artifacts and quests and MLs is here.

Last modified: Saturday February 28 2004
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